CV - Prof. Dr. med. J. Steiner


2007 - current   Senior Physician and Consultant Neurologist / Psychiatrist
2009 - current   Head of the Schizophrenia Outpatient Clinic
2011 - current   Deputy director (“Leitender Oberarzt und ständiger Vertreter des Klinikdirektors”)
of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Magdeburg


1991 - 1998   Medical Studies: University of Munich
1998   Medical State Examination
2000   Licentiate of Medicine
2000   Doctoral thesis, Inst. of Pathology, University of Munich
2009   Postdoctoral thesis, Dept. Psychiatry, University of Magdeburg
2009   3rd rank position for a W2-Professorship in Molecular Psychiatry at the Medical School Hanover
2013   Associate Professor of Psychiatry (“Außerplanmäßiger Professor”), Dept. Psychiatry,
University of Magdeburg
2015   1st rank position and call for a W2-Professorship in Biological Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of Bochum


1998 - 2002   Neurological Residency, Medical School Hanover
1998 - 2002   Assistant lecturer (1), Medical School Hanover
2002 - 2006   Psychiatric Residency, University of Magdeburg
2002 - 2008   Assistant lecturer (2), University of Magdeburg 
Oct/Nov ´08
and '09
  Visiting scientist at the Department of Chemical Engineering and
Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, UK

Jul ´10 to
Jan ´11

  Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge, UK (Department of
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology; Department of Pharmacology),
supported by a Grant from Pembroke College, University of Cambridge

Jun' 11

  Visiting Scholar at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA (Department of
Cell Biology / Lerner Research Institute; Department of Psychiatry and
Psychology), supported by a Grant from Cleveland Clinic


  Visiting Scholar at Yale University, USA (Department of Cell
Biology / Section of Comparative Medicine), supported by a Grant from
Yale University



2013   Hans-Jörg Weitbrecht award for exceptional achievements in the field
of clinical neuroscience


Schizophrenia, affective disorders, organic brain syndromes


Neurobiology of schizophrenia and affective disorders